• Real Estate Services

    One of the most capital intensive aspects of developing
    vertically integrated horticulture facilities is the Real Estate
    As part of Bloom's turn-key services, we offer Real Estate
    Financing Services
    that put your operation in the Fast-Track
    to profitibility.

  • Consulting Services

    Bloom provides full service consultation for
    vertically integrated horticulture facilities.
    Guiding you through every step with tried
    and tested protocols and training.

    Reap the rewards of having full control over
    your business operations with Bloom Innovations
    industry-proven experience from day one.
  • GROW with Bloom Innovations

    Bloom offers many solutions for efficient operating practices

    Cultivation Management Protocols

    Yield Analysis

    Processing/Producing Protocols

    Staff Education

    Retail Operating Protocols

    Customer Education

    Quality Control Protocols

    Payroll Processing

  • Industry Partnership

    Bloom is actively pursuing industry partnerships

    to expand the reach of our services.

About Bloom Innovations

Providing eco-friendly solutions for future horticulture development opportunities.

About Us

Bloom provides management & consulting services for the planning, development, construction, marketing and operation of horticulture facilities. Specializing in the development of sustainable, vertically integrated, eco-friendly and efficient agricultural systems, Bloom serves both consumer and commercial farming markets on behalf of for profit and nonprofit entities across the United States.

Mission Statement

Bloom strives to be the industry leader in horticulture consulting and management. The company has positioned itself to identify and capture future development opportunities nationwide and abroad.
Bloom is actively pursuing strategic partnerships, join ventures and aquisition to help expand its footprint across the horticulture industry.


With over a decade of experience in the horticulture industry, Bloom's founders have positioned the company to capitalize on the growth of urban farming. Growth in this subject demographic has been
driven by a few factors.
-Higher Standards for sustainable vertically integrated, eco-friendly cultivation systems
-Greater expectations for quality control, freshness and cost reduction
-Need for a year-round crop production
-All variables are controlled allowing cultivation without pesticides and herbicides
-Health conscious Baby Boomer generation
-Government regulatory changes
Bloom believes that these drivers will continue to stimulate growth in urban farming and ultimately the need for sustainable vertically integrated cultivation facilites. This paradigm shift will present tremendous opportunity for those who recognize its importance and align their business practices with the needs of the consumer.

CEO Comments

Bloom Innovations' primary concern is enhancing its client's operations by implementing efficient and sustainable business practices. No matter what stage your business is at, Bloom can offer solutions that will help reduce costs and improve quality control & output. We have developed proprietary methods for creating the very best vertically integrated cultivation facilities. From cultivation to retail sale, Bloom offers a model that will ensure the profitable longevity of your business. Through the development of strategic partnership. BLoom will expand its footprint across the United States and abroad.


Providing you with the knowledge to sustain profitability.

Our team

  • John Oram, PhD, CEO

    Dr. Oram holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in environmental chemistry and engineering from the University of California Los Angeles and bachelor’s degrees in analytical chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. Oram’s research was instrumental in forming government regulations regarding water quality and assessing human health impacts of agricultural pesticides. In 2009, Dr. Oram co-founded CW Analytical Laboratories to establish standardized testing and certification protocols to ensure the safety and quality of medical Cannabis. CW Analytical Laboratories is now recognized as the most trusted analytical laboratory in California. Dr. Oram and his lab were instrumental in developing Cannabis regulations in California, Washington, and New Jersey. Specifically, Dr. Oram was an invited member of the scientific advisory panel for Washington’s Initiative 502 regulations.
  • Jamie Besaw, COO

    Has over a decade of experience managing full service horticulture facilities in the Bay Area. Developed proprietary methods for efficiently maintaining continuous harvests systems in controlled environments. Specializes in product quality control and maximum yield analysis. Maintains wholesale relationships with distributors of hydroponic and indoor cultivation equipment across the United States. Has experience managing 20-30 employees on a daily basis. Was pivotal in starting many local Bay Area businesses including NugMedia and CW Analytical. Graduated from California State East Bay with a degree in Art. Donates to Bay Area charities including: Boys and Girls Club of Martinez, City of Berkley Public schools and Boys and Girls Club of Oakland.
  • Nico Enea, CFO

    Previously covered the Cannabis Sector as a Trader/Analyst at a hedge fund in New York City. Created and implemented a market capitalization weighted index strategy for publicly traded Cannabis related companies. The Cannabis index strategy was predicated upon broad regulatory catalysts, fundamental research and basic risk management. Prior to that worked on a Municipal Bond Arbitrage desk helping manage 1.2 Billion in assets. Bachelor of Arts in Economics with an emphasis in Business Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder graduated in 2012. While at Boulder worked in the Congressional office of Jared Polis assisted in constituent outreach and policy research. While at Boulder also started socially responsible transportation company that still currently operates. Actively involved in charities around the Bay Area.
  • Stephen Cassidy, General Counsel

    The former Mayor of San Leandro, California, Stephen Cassidy serves as General Counsel of Bloom Innovations. Possessing nearly thirty years of experience in law and a decade in leadership roles at public agencies, Stephen possesses a substantial record of accomplishment in motivating, collaborating with, and leading diverse teams in reaching strategic goals. His skill set and knowledge includes complex civil litigation, organizational leadership, public finance and budgeting, municipal planning and zoning, public and media relations, political campaign management and public policy advocacy, marketing and branding, social media content creation and search engine optimization. Stephen served as President of the Alameda County Conference of Mayors and received the Outstanding Community Leadership Award from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. An active member of the California Bar, Martindale-Hubbell has given Stephen its highest rating of AV Preeminent.

Our Process

We listen, we discuss, we develop!


Bloom offers consulting on each layer of an efficiently run facility


Bloom will identify state and county laws and guidelines for running horticulture facilities applicable to your business and help secure the permits needed. Bloom’s real estate team is expert at finding the perfect grounds for your build-to-suit facility and will create architectural and design plans to optimize operational output and costs.


With a decade of horticulture and urban farming experience, Bloom's management team will bring the best in breed cultivation processes to your facilities, ensuring the most competitive quality controls and maximum output. We offer equipment-leasing arrangements for all cultivation needs.


The ability to effectively transform organic materials into other products is one of Bloom's primary competitive advantages. These products garner the highest margins for your business and are vital to the longevity of profitable operations. Bloom has best-in-breed proprietary methods for extraction and creation of infused products. We offer equipment-leasing arrangements for kitchen needs.


Whether your facility has an in-house retail outlet or not, Bloom offers many solutions for optimal operations. With a focus on vendor intake and inventory protocols, Bloom ensures you are running not only an efficient facility, but also a strong retail experience from all-in-one, plug-and-play, Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems to staff training and education.
Application Consultation
Operations Consultation
Cultivation and Production Consultation
Product Standards and Development
Commercial Leasing Consultation
Real Estate Acquisition and Development Consultation
Site Design COnsultation

Business Management

Bloom offers many solutions for efficient operating practices
Cultivation Management Protocols
Processing/Production Protocols
Retail Operating Protocols
Quality Control Protocols
Yield Analysis
Staff Education
Customer Education
Payroll Processing

Why Vertical Integration?

Vertical Integration

Bloom provides a vertical integration model that is perfect for the horticulture and urban farming industry.

Take Control

Vertical integration of cultivation, production and retail business components will enable full control over your supply chain and distribution channels. The full-service horticulture model reduces variable costs while enhancing production, product quality and security.

Through operational efficiencies and synergies, Bloom creates economies of scale for its clients. With the correct infrastructure in place, Bloom will help increase the quantity of goods produced and lower the per-unit fixed costs. When margins begin to shrink, the only operators who will be able to profitably compete at lower prices will be those who have implemented the economies of scale production strategy.

All roads lead to Bloom.


Discover elegant solution for your online business!


Bloom provides management & consulting services for the planning, development, construction, staffing and operation of horticulture facilities on behalf of profit and non-profit entities across the United States and abroad. Specializing in the development of vertically integrated, eco-friendly, agricultural systems serving both consumer and commercial farming markets.


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