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Bloom Innovations is a vertically integrated Cannabis company with strong historical growth and performance - from state of the art technology to an active member of the community, we are creators, innovators and pioneers of the cannabis industry. We take pride in our craft in an organic and efficient style that puts us ahead of the rest.

Meet our Executive Team!


Bloom Innovations provides a vertical integration model that is perfect for the horticulture and urban farming industry.

Take Control

Our Irrigation and fertilization is managed by an “Argus” controlled system that injects salt based liquid fertilizers into the water so that pH and E.C. can be adjusted. This system allows plants to be watered in a slow and controlled manner so that 95% of water is retained by plants and run off is minimized. Any excess nutrient salts entering into our local water municipal system is properly discharged and used to create power for our local community.

Self Sustaint

Our streamline plant production process is entirely self-sustained and does not rely on bringing in outside plants. Our objective is to re-create nature in an indoor environment and enforce a low-waste policy using organic, reusable gardening systems and methods.

Pest Control

We believe that the best solution for controlling contamination and pests is with strict preventative measures. We believe that a strict policy of prevention is the number-one way to control the invasion of harmful organisms. Many of these problems can be avoided by maintaining appropriate growing conditions, requiring clean room protocols, and through environmental design. This holistic approach can reduce or eliminate the conditions that these pests and contaminants need for sustainment.

Think big

We are the largest indoor cultivation with multiple facilities in Northern California with rooms as large as 9,000 square feet with 324 lights.
We promote vigorous growth in everything we do.


At Bloom Innovations, our sales team was born with the vision of being both leaders and educators. We strive to be more than just a sale; we are innovators, relationship builders, and an essential part of our clients day to day business.

As a sales team, we participate in daily and weekly training ensuring that each associate is knowledgeable and up-to-date on current regulations, manufacturing processes, and industry standards.

We have cultivated relationships throughout California, from Ukiah in the north to San Diego in the south, we strive to leave every community we touch, better. We have created the new business paradigm.

Our brand

Quality — It Matters

In 2016, Bloom Innovations made a strategic investment to build out a world class R&D and manufacturing lab that was capable of matching its cultivation scale, standard-setting quality, and be able to rapidly produce innovative products; while setting the bar for the cannabis industry. To accomplish these goals, the company assembled a dynamic team with backgrounds in chemical engineering, chemistry, technology, manufacturing operations, and cannabis extraction. The team took on the task to design a purpose built facility to house R&D, Extraction, Distillation, and Post Processing laboratories.

The R&D lab is uniquely equipped to quickly work out and validate new ideas, test new product formulations, and develop solutions to support new products.

The purpose built Extraction Laboratory is an engineering marvel that leverages state of the art environmental and safety systems. It houses the largest custom built hydrocarbon extraction system in the state that produces in-house, contract manufacturing, and white labeled products.
Utilizing a steady supply of in-house top quality plant material and proprietary processes, the Extraction team has produced several award winning concentrate products under the NUG brand name.
The Distillation Laboratory provides in-house and contract manufacturing distillation services, Flash Chromatography, and pesticide remediation. Distillate produced in the Lab is utilized in many of the NUG branded products: Vape cartridges, NUG Needle, and award winning chocolates

The Post Processing Laboratories utilize the outputs from the Extraction and Distillation labs to produce a variety of products.
Oven Room: Crumble, Diamond, Sap, Sauce, Shatter, and Sugar Concentrate products
Clean Room: Liquids, Syringe and Vape cartridge filling machines, Soft Gel capsule production line

Develop state-of-the-art retail location

Award winning design by CFM Inc.


Through education, volunteering and funding, NUG supports numerous projects and organizations to help strengthen our community.
A leading pioneer in Oakland's Equity Program, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to the communities we are involved in.
As leaders in the California cultivation community, we continue to participate in community outreach and have been awarded the opportunity to provide mentorship and internship programs for aspiring cannabis and equity groups.

Our Executive Team

Dr. John Oram | CEO / Founder

Dr. Oram holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in environmental chemistry and engineering from the University of California Los Angeles and bachelor’s degrees in analytical chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. Oram. has a deep knowledge of Cannabis and the Cannabis industry.
Co-founded CW Analytical Laboratories to establish standardized testing and certification protocols to ensure the safety and quality of medical Cannabis. CW Analytical Laboratories is now recognized as the most trusted analytical laboratory in California.

Nico Enea | CFO / Founder

In 2014 Mr. Enea became Chief Financial Officer and Director of Business Development for Bloom Innovations.
Mr. Enea was instrumental in crafting multiple successful applications in the state of Nevada and California for Cannabis cultivation, infused product Production and retail distribution.
Prior Mr. Enea worked as a Analyst & Trader at a Fixed Income Arbitrage Hedge Fund. While in College Mr. Enea worked in the Congressional Office of Jared Polis while going to school at the University of Colorado.

Jamie Besaw | COO / Founder

Has over a decade and a half of experience managing full service horticulture facilities in the Bay Area.
Developed proprietary methods for efficiently maintaining continuous harvests systems in indoor controlled environments.
Specializes in product quality control and maximum yield analysis. Was pivotal in starting many local Bay Area businesses including Nug Media and CW Analytical. 

Adam Peterson | Real Estate Transactions / Founder

Adam Graduated from the University of Santa Barbara in with a B.A in Global and International relations. 
After college Adam spent 9 years as a commercial real estate broker with a focus on Industrial sales and leasing and development projects.
During this period Adam facilitated over 1 billion dollars of transactions. To date, Adam is a partner of Bloom Innovations, Inc. and is responsible for all Real Estate transactions and business development.

Bryant Tong | Board Adviser

Bryant has extensive experience in developing and growing early stage companies. Bryant has 20+ years as a successful venture capitalist with extensive working experience in finance, operations and fund raising.
Bryant has helped numerous companies develop successful strategic and tactical plans for rapid growth. Bryant is the managing director of Nth Power LLC, a leading venture capital firm in the San Francisco bay area.
Also prior to Nth Power, he was the founder and President and CEO of Pacific Venture Capital (A wholly owned subsidiary of PG&E). Also Bryant was a co-founder of ReSource/Phoenix a financial outsourcing company he took public on the Nasdaq.

Stephen Cassidy| In-house Council

Stephen Cassidy serves as General Counsel of Bloom Innovations, Inc.
With nearly three decades of legal experience, Stephen provides expert and strategic legal advice to the senior management on contracts, partnership agreements, real estate transactions, employee relations, business litigation, trademarks and copyrights law, and internal corporate governance standards.
As General Counsel, Stephen is also responsible for ensuring corporate compliance with applicable local, county, and state laws and regulations, including California’s new cannabis regulatory regime.

Burch Greene | Chief Engineer

Burch Greene holds a B.A. in Physics from the University of Puget Sound, a B.S. in Structural Engineering from Columbia University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada, and Hawaii.
His career started in the Bay Area where he worked with Clausen Structural Engineers as a design Engineer and Project manager specializing in the design, permitting, and construction of seismic retrofits and food processing facilities.

Chris Harkins| LAB Director

After graduation from SFSU, Chris entered into the booming tech industry, working as a Solution Architect for major firms including Microsoft and Autodesk.
Following his passion, Chris moved his problem-solving expertise into the Cannabis Industry and joined the Bloom Innovations family to create NUG Lab in 2016.
Since then, the company's product portfolio and revenue from extracts has increased more than tenfold as Chris's innovative methods have come into force.

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